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3 Symptoms Your Car Needs Exhaust Repair

3 Symptoms Your Car Needs Exhaust Repair

3 Symptoms Your Car Needs Exhaust RepairWhen it comes to automotive safety, nothing is more important than a healthy set of brakes. If you ever suspect that your car or SUV's brake system is not operating at maximum capacity, it is imperative to visit your local auto shop as quickly as possible. This is because if your brakes begin to fail, you are at a heightened risk of being involved in an accident due to elongated stopping distances or the possibility of complete brake loss. The following are 5 common signs of brake trouble, if you notice any of them, head to the brake shop ASAP.

Grinding Noise While Braking

One of the most common signs of brake trouble is a grinding or squealing noise that occurs as you try to slow your vehicle. This is a clear indication that your vehicle's brake pads have worn low and are in need of replacement. Putting off repairs could allow for further damage to other brake parts, such as rotors, due to the metal on metal friction that is causing the sound.

Pulling When Braking

When you apply the brakes, your car should remain easy to control. If the vehicle pulls, jerks or yanks to one side of the road or the other, it's time for brake repair. This could be a sign of unevenly worn brake pads, but may also be due to more critical trouble, such as a malfunctioning wheel cylinder or contaminants in the brake fluid.

Soft Brake Pedal

If your car's brake pedal now rests closer to the floor, is spongy to the touch, or needs to be pushed farther to get a reaction from the brakes, head to the brake shop immediately. This could be a sign of heavily worn brake pads, or something more drastic. Air in the brake lines or a dangerous brake fluid leak could also be the root cause of this issue.

Brake Pedal Vibration

A vibrating brake pedal is often a sign of warped brake rotors. This issue can occur after many miles of use or following elongated driving over mountainous or exceptionally hilly terrain. When a car has warped rotors it can increase the distance necessary to stop the car, meaning this issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

ABS Light

Modern vehicles have anti-lock brake systems (ABS). If an ABS light illuminates on your dashboard, it means brake system sensors have detected trouble. You'll need to visit an auto shop near you to have brake diagnostics and repairs performed before the issue grows worse.

Never put off having brake repair completed, as it is up to you to keep your car safe to drive. If you suspect your BMW, Mercedes or other European car needs brake repair in Elk Grove, Sacramento or the surrounding California communities, visit L&S AutoWerks. Our team of expert European auto mechanics will perform the necessary services to return your car safely to the road. Give us a call at (916) 252-1201 anytime you need to schedule expert European auto repair near Sacramento and we'd be happy to schedule you an appointment.

Posted: February 11, 2021

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