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Common Symptoms of Alternator Failure

Common Symptoms of Alternator Failure

For your vehicle to dependably fire up and safely cruise down the road, you need a healthy alternator. When an alternator problem develops, it's possible that your battery's power reserve will run empty. Consequently, you could find yourself stalled out and needing assistance. At L&S MotorWerks, our local mechanics are experts at all types of European auto repair in Elk Grove, including alternator and electrical system repair. Come and see us if your European car is exhibiting any of the following symptoms of alternator trouble.

Warning Signs of Alternator Trouble

Whenever a dashboard warning light comes on, it's important to figure out what exactly is triggering it. With alternator trouble, a light could come on that reads GEN or ALT. This light may also turn on in the shape of a little battery. A dead battery is another familiar sign of alternator failure. While a dead battery doesn't automatically mean that your alternator is malfunctioning, there's reason to be suspicious of your alternator if your battery is less than three years old and has mysteriously gone dead (and you didn't simply forget to turn off your headlights).

An alternator problem can also cause issues with your car's electrical accessories. Today's vehicles are regularly equipped with computers that dictate which electrical accessories will have their power reduced when the alternator isn't working right. This saves power for the car's most crucial electrical needs, but could cause problems with accessories like power seats or the radio. Alternator trouble can also cause headlights to act erratically. When a bad alternator leads to dimming or flickering headlights, it can create a safety hazard, especially at night on roads without street lamps. An alternator problem could also jeopardize safety if you stall out in traffic due to inadequate power being directed to spark plugs.

European Auto Repair in Elk Grove, CA

When you need European auto repair in Elk Grove, contact L&S MotorWerks at (916) 252-1201. We can complete any type of Euro car repair or maintenance that you need. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

Posted: July 28, 2021

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