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Common Reasons that Cars Don't Start

Common Reasons that Cars Don't Start

When you first notice that your engine isn't firing up as easily as it should, you'll want to be proactive about addressing the issue. If you delay, there's a strong chance that the problem will escalate to the extent that your car won't start at all. At L&S MotorWerks, our local mechanics specialize in European auto repair and can accurately diagnose the issue that is causing trouble with getting your engine to fire up. Then we can provide flawless repairs and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Common Causes of No-Start

Faulty starters are often to blame when a car won't fire up. If you turn the key and only get a clicking noise, then you've got a sign of starter failure. Starter trouble may also be to blame if your engine won't start but your dash lights do come on.

Problems with starting also often arise due to fuel-related issues. A failing fuel pump can prevent gas from properly transiting from the tank to the engine. Indications of fuel pump trouble include power loss, sputtering, and decreasing fuel-efficiency. If you have a clogged fuel filter, then your engine may not be able to receive the fuel it needs to come roaring to life. You can avoid this issue by getting a new fuel filter every 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Also, dirty fuel injectors can cause problems with getting your engine to start. A fuel additive can be helpful with getting rid of pollutants from injectors and intake valves.

No-start also often occurs because of problems with the battery/charging system. Batteries die because of issues such as leaving headlights on, old age, loose/corroded connections, and parasitic draws. Also, an alternator problem can cause your battery to run out of juice. If you have an alternator issue, you may notice dimming/flickering headlights or malfunctioning electrical accessories, such as your radio.

European Auto Repair in Elk Grove, CA

When you need European auto repair in Elk Grove, contact L&S MotorWerks at (916) 252-1201. We can expertly complete any type of Euro car repair or maintenance that you need. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

Posted: September 2021

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